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Bruno: Our Awesome-sauce Tripawd

(and how he changed our world)

Bruno: Our Awesome-sauce Tripawd

Life begins at Bruno

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Hello, we are Jackie and John (the JJ of JJ Awesome Sauce). We are also Bruno, our awesome tripawd.

Bruno came into our lives, on Hogmany (New Year’s Eve), after we were finally allowed a cat (thank you Caxtons) and decided to give a home to a kitty needing pity (well Love!); in other words a cat who needed our kind of home (indoors) because of their kind of needs.

We set about finding the best rescue centres and we liked Woodgreen and the local centre Celia Hammond. In the end we went through Celia Hammond after seeing Bruno’s big green moonbeam eyes. So pleased to see his ‘homed’ post 🙂

Our Bruno hasn’t had it good in the run up to 2017 (the cursed 2016 struck him too). At five years old he recently lost his previous owner, became so agitated at the funeral that he jumped out of a top floor window and landed badly on his leg, which then needed to be amputated. At that critical time of recovery he had no loving home to help him through, and his healing has not been as good as it could be, physically or mentally.

We’re hoping that through this blog we can document his rise to a new life, and love for it. We would appreciate any advice in cheering up, exercising, and energising our cat!

Best wishes and hugs to all the bipeds, tripods, quadrupeds, etc. out there!




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