Day wun in tha JJB hoosehold

Busy day. Bruno (B) meets us for the first time. B isn’t sure about the other cats so doesn’t come out of his cage, but he does purr and ask for more ear scratches. That’s enough to win us two cat-shocked softies over. Paperwork done and it’s a journey home on the DLR.

After a couple of hours in the bathroom with his igloo bed (which he loves), water bowl, litter tray and us (not the whole time) we move his igloo into the hall.

From there B finds the cardboard under the spare bed and decides that’s his new favourite spot. We decide to leave him be with his water and dry food. A few hours later we think we heard a CRUNCH of biscuits, and he has moved, so we talk to him for a bit and give him his space. The poor wee thing has had it rough and patience is in order.

B might not be ready for bosies (hugs) yet, but that’s okay. We’re just happy he’s here. As long as he eats and drinks we can wait.

Happy New Year everyone and many happy (cat) returns!