Day two in tha JJB hoosehold

Goodness gracious!

It’s been a tough day, Knowing your new friend is having a hard time and not being able to tell them it’s okay and know they understand. There have been a lot of pep chats between John and I and we spent some quiet time near him.

Bruno didn’t eat or drink today either, so I went out and got a cat fountain, to make it more interesting, and some Viyo to help get his nutrients up when he does.

Reading tonnes and trying to work out what’s best. Both of us felt that his spot behind the cardboard under the bed may have actually gotten him stuck. His mobility isn’t great and quadrupeds can get stuck too! We decided to move some of the boxes about 20 minutes ago so that he had space, but was still ‘enclosed’ enough. So worried about leaving him if he was stuck, or disturbing him too much! Argh.

However, he responded well! Cry face. He was interested, not scared, and even popped out to investigate the fountain after I left the room! Still under the bed, but what a relief that he didn’t just stay at the back against the wall! I’m not ashamed to say that John and I are so relieved that we both shed a tear or two.

Glass of champers for NY day and off to bed. Bring on tomorrow 😻

Goodnight friends everywhere xox

2 thoughts on “Day two in tha JJB hoosehold”

  1. Glad to hear he’s starting to feel more relaxed. What fountain did you get? Dot’s started playing with her water rather than drinking it so I thought it might be worth trying something new.

    1. I know. Only marginally, but it’s better. I was going to get the PetSafe Drinkwell Stoneware Avalon model – that’s what I’d seen before and apparently ceramic or stainless steel is better – but ended up getting the Cat Mate fountain (partly because I could go get it immediately). It’s got good reviews too:

      At least Dot is interested 🙂 Tas, my Sister’s cat, loved playing with his, or any, water too. X

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