Days three and four with JJB

Long days, but good days.

Bruno ate some proper amounts of food – mostly from under his bed, well the spare bed – and used his litter tray! Never been so pleased to clear out poo 💩

Also, he actually slept on top of the bed! Woop woop. It was from underneath the throw which he has made a tunnel into. Back in there now.

The biggest news is that today, after us having our first da back at work, he came over for a stroke, purred and head-butted my legs! Yay! Poor John was in the living room and didn’t want to break the magic so no strokes for him yet, but soon!

Small, definite steps.

Love to all. Xox


2 thoughts on “Days three and four with JJB”

  1. I’m sorry I missed this update. He’s making progress, how is he doing now? I’m curious about the Viyo. Do you think it helped since he wasn’t eating. Did the vet recommend it?

    Hope all is well in your kitty household. Scratches for all.

    Kerren and Tripawd Kitty Mona

    1. Hey there. Sorry we have been very busy.
      Ends up Bruno is being quite picky about food so he hasn’t been eating food that has Viyo on it. Ah well. I read lots of people’s reviews saying their cat liked it though.

      Best wishes!

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